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What People Are Saying:

“Kris nails it! There is only one problem with a's a diet, not a lifestyle! Permanent Changes like what Kris describes with Josephine can only be achieved Through lifestyle and eating habits. I admit even though I am in the up and down stage (+ or - 20-35 lbs) I want it to be permanent, and I want to be able to eat everything! The Five Facets are brilliant; they tie everything up into a nice manageable package. Kris points out most of us know what we need to do; we just don't plan well or worse Self-Sabotage as he points out time and time again. So like most great things this The book is inspiring because it is simple, direct, and honest. ”

Noreen K.

“I can’t even really find the words to thank Kris and his All Inclusive Diet approach!  I have spent years following different diets and fads and going up and down in weight and then feeling like a failure and so defeated every time I ride that roller coaster back up again.  But Kris’ book and program have a completely different formula than most other “diet plans” out there and it has given me a strategy and perspective I have never had before! Kris has shifted my focus from just reaching the number on a scale or getting to that ‘perfect size’ to an inclusive and all-encompassing lifestyle that reflects on his methodology of The 5 FACETS – Food, Emotions, Activity, Relaxation & Sleep (or F.E.A.R.S).  He has provided me with the tools to truly encompass a practice of facing the ‘fears’ that have kept me on that roller coaster practically my whole life.  I have learned it’s not just about food and exercise - and Kris puts it in such a way that makes the long term attainable – finally!  Thanks Kris!  ”

Tracy G.

“I devoured this book. It makes so much sense to me. As someone who has struggled with my weight since I was a teenager I can't wait to put these principals into action! It isn't just about the food and exercise it is more than that- but it doesn't have to be complicated. I have been telling my friends about the All Inclusive Diet and I'm hoping we can work through it together. Thanks Kris for writing it and for sharing your inspiring story with the world!”

Wanda M.

“"This book offers realistic, long-term solutions to everyday challenges. Implementing the 5-Facets into your daily life will give you the foundation for a healthy and happy lifestyle, to battle anything that comes your way. It will change your perspective, and change your life. I was able to turn my life around with this simple approach to weight loss and wellness. I have discovered how important it is to get active, not only in the gym but my everyday activities. On the flip side, I spend time relaxing and recharging. This book teaches you an easy way to create balance in all aspects your life. Whereby, you can lose weight in the same approach that you will keep the weight off; no diets, no crazy exercise regimes, just a raw and real approach that takes you to the root of the problem and provides a long term, forever."”

Tatiana J.

“"Through his remarkable "hitting rock bottom" personal story and the countless personal stories of those that he has helped, Kris brings to life the valuable lessons learned from his real world experience in the trenches of the fitness and weight loss industry. No theories here, just a tried and true plan for losing weight and more importantly, keeping it off. In many ways, the All Inclusive Diet is about more than just weight loss. It's really a complete lifestyle manual that will inspire you to make lasting changes and find an overall balance in life so you can truly become your best self. Highly recommended to anyone that has ever struggled with maintaining their optimal weight or is looking to drastically improve their overall health and wellness."”

Steve Andrade

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