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5-Facet Lifestyle Assessment

Take the 5-Facet Lifestyle Assessment to find out if your life is in balance – it’s quick!


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Learn how to use the 3 C's method for results with the least amount of time invested!


All Inclusive Recipe Book

All of these recipes are compatible with the principles outlined in the All Inclusive Diet!


All Inclusive Meal Planner

Starting without a plan - is planning to fail! Set yourself up for success with this worksheet!


Organic Produce Report

Learn the top 12 most contaminated fruits and veggies, and the safest 15 to eat!


All Inclusive Food Journal

The most simple yet so effective tool for increasing food awareness and making better choices!



5 Minute Journal Quick-Guide

Complain less, appreciate more, and become happier with The Five Minute Journal.

Kris J. Simpson

Kris J. Simpson is the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller “All Inclusive Diet” and a 20 + year veteran of the weight-loss, fitness, and physical rehabilitation industry. He is also an elite personal trainer, former national bodybuilding champion and present CEO and founder of Bodies By Design Fitness Studios and the All Inclusive Lifestyle Academy.

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